A life changing diagnosis


445A833D-1307-4803-A8D3-521EC8AD2143.jpegMy life has changed massively over the last few months, and most definitely for the better. As I suffered another episode of dibilitating depression and anxiety, I believe that a combination of perseverance, good fortune and fate, led me to a new psychiatrist who is quite clearly an expert in his field. At only our first meeting, having read through my history in advance, he said he was 70% confident that I had been misdiagnosed for all of my adult life, and as a result given the wrong medication. In fact he is certain that the medication I have been prescribed over the years was actually making me worse, working on the wrong neurotransmitters . Every session we had together moved him closer and closer to being certain that his initial suspected diagnosis was correct. All my medication was changed, which was a horrendous experience lasting a few weeks. I was being hit by a double whammy, withdrawals from the old medication and side effects of starting the new stuff. However, all of a sudden I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I started to feel like a different person shortly after these changes. When I read up on my new diagnosis, so much about my life fell into place and started to make sense, including the years and years of suffering without a clear and understandable diagnosis.

I have started a new blog to write specifically about my newly diagnosed condition and the resulting positive changes in my life. I hope this new blog will provide a source of comfort, hope and inspiration to fellow sufferers of prolonged mental illness.  I would be delighted if you would have a look at it. It can be found at The ‘ultra-rapid cycling’ cyclist

Thank you


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